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After Sales Service

Receiving your truck is just the beginning of your relationship with us; our comprehensive aftersales offer a wide range of services to support its customers, from our mobile workshop and genuine parts to inspections and repairs.

When you bring your Renault truck to our service center, you know that the work needed will be done right. We do not believe in cutting any corners in repairing your truck, in doing so there will be no surprises while your truck is on the job. Your truck will only ever be repaired with Genuine Renault Trucks Parts.

Our technicians are certified by Renault Trucks, they are equipped with a full-range of tools as well as all the needed diagnostic and data base systems, to get your truck back on the road in no time.

After Sales Services

Workshop & Technicians

Workshop & Technician

Our workshop operates using the most technologically advanced equipment, being operated by our manufacturer trained technicians. With technology advancing on trucks so rapidly these days the need for technicians to be fully trained and competent has never been higher.

Bring your truck into our workshop and be confident that it will receive the care it deserves from quality trained technicians at all times. Our Renault Trucks certified technicians are equipped with a full-range of tools as well as all the needed diagnostic and database systems, to get your truck back on the road in no time.

Our aftersales team strongly believes in commitment to their customers. That’s why at Renault Trucks we take the role of Technical Assistance seriously. Customers appreciate the added value we endeavor to deliver by trying to help and assist whenever we’re called upon.

Roadside Assistance

Our service center offers our partners a service like no other – a 4×4 fully equipped Mobile Workshop. Where ever may our partner be stranded, our Mobile Workshop is only a phone call away.

Roadside Assistance

Preventive Maintenance

In an effort to better serve our customers and increase their productivity, AFRITRAC Maintenance Center has launched Preventative Maintenance Scheme.
Preventative maintenance is regularly performed on Trucks to lessen the likelihood of it failing. Basically, the service intends to prevent damage prior to it occurring.
It is more than just oil and filter check.
Through preventive maintenance, vehicles are inspected, repaired, and maintained in such a way that defects are prevented from surfacing in the first place, before a violation can occur.
The scheme is composed of scheduled and standardized inspections and maintenance every:
– 10,000 Km. (Package A)
– 50,000 Km. (Package B)
– 100,000 Km. (Package C)

Customer Value:
– Saves money and effort
– Keep the trucks in good working condition at all times.
– Access to high quality production lines, within reasonable cost and specific system

Preventive Maintenance